Life Is Like A Painting

We are all given an empty canvas when we are born. As we grow up, we add colors to it:

Yellow and orange for every moment of joy and happiness, for that race in high school that we won, for the nights we spent with incredible friends dancing or gossiping about nothing in particular;

Blue for the days when we were down and low, for all those Mondays we hated going to work;

Pink for the moments when our crush looked back at us, when our hearts skipped a beat, when we held a little baby in our arms for the first time;

Grey for the days when we were too bored to go out and face the world, when we sat in our pajamas watching reruns of our favorite series;

Green for those people who sometimes made us feel small and for those days when our future looked bleak as compared to others;

Red for all those incredible moments of passion or rage, when we fell in love, when it didn’t work out, when we wanted nothing but to win;

White for the peaceful days we spent at home, for the innocence we had in childhood; and black for the moments we spent in fear, anger or mourning.

We keep adding all these colors to our empty canvas, one over another, thinking that there is no meaning to it, that life is nothing but a blur, though in the end when we look back at it, the empty canvas turns into a beautiful painting, capturing the story of our life, giving meaning to every single moment that ever happened.

painting 1

10 thoughts on “Life Is Like A Painting

  1. reading all these made me to realise that these days i’m experiencing only grey, black colors in my life and which is blocking my sight to other colors of life… thank u for reminding me that there are other colors too and i should look back at them too..

    lovely click 🙂


    • Definitely there are many colors out there…much more than I have mentioned here..and we all get our fair share of colors… I am sorry to know that you are having a bad time right now. Don’t worry..always remember ” this too shall pass” be, it bad or good… just keep on enjoying life. Don’t ponder over the bad things… be optimistic and life will shower you with bright and lovely colors. Cheers… 🙂


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