The Kids With A Spare Tyre

Sitting in my air conditioned room,

With a smart phone in my hand,

I googled for ‘ways to be happy’,

But then right outside my window,

I saw these little kids,

Playing barefoot with a spare tyre,

Their faces gleaming with joy,

As it went round and round,

through the muddy path

I went outside and captured that moment

in my camera…

For someday,

I would like them to find happiness,

in their own past,

Instead of searching for it,

On Google, using a smart phone…

IMG_20150906_105559Written for Indispire.


25 thoughts on “The Kids With A Spare Tyre

    • Ya… I too miss those days.. though I never really played with a tyre.. we had some other stupid games.. kho kho, rumaal jhappata, the usual ghar ghar… ah.. all those things makes me so nostalgic now. 🙂


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