1. I want more hours in a day. Twenty four hours are just not enough.
2. Just when I get serious about something, I fall sick and all my motivation goes down the drain.
3. I have noticed that the males in our generation are better at cooking than the females. All the guys in my Mtech class knew cooking, while most of the girls only knew how to cook maggi.
4. How do people manage relationships with the other important things of their life? I just dont know how to be in a real relationship. I aced the long distance thing you know, like if there is a competition for being a good far away girlfriend, I would probably be among the top ten. But give me a live boyfriend and I turn the relationship into a disaster. Whenever he spots a couple holding hands or being cosy in public he looks at me with these expectant eyes, and I give him a I’ll-kill-you-if-you-even-dream-about-it look. I just can’t do it.
5. I think I write well only when I am at home. I started this blog when I had nothing to do after graduation. Those days I could write  about anything under the sun. I almost left writing for two years after joining college. The last four months were good for the blog as I was at home, and could write effortlessly. Now that I am in a city, I am afraid, I have lost the writer in me again.
6. I actually opened WordPress to write the first point, the one about time but I ended up blabbering about so many things. There, I wasted another fifteen minutes out of the precious 1440 minutes we are blessed with everyday.

22 thoughts on “Gupshup-2

  1. Totally I need a 48 hours day so much to do. .and not enough time..

    Relationship are funny..don’t understand myself. .

    I think I m good at cooking too so ur theory may just be correct 🙂 🙂 🙂


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