Lights, Camera and Fun

The festival of lights is here and I am more than excited. There is this vibe in the air that makes me feel so lively. Added to that is the feeling of being at home. Although I am super busy till December but my mother’s blackmail and my own homesickness brought me back to home. Diwali is my favourite festival. I like the lights, the flowers, the rangoli, the food, the crackers, the rockets, the weather, the cool air blah blah blah…the list is endless. Since the day I came back home I have been pestering my dad to put up the Diwali lights. But recently one of our distant relative from our village died which made us “impure”, so we were forbidden to do any sacred work during these ten days. (Yes, stuff like that happens, I am from a small hilly village guys!!!). Luckily the ten days got over today and we are all set to celebrate Diwali. I have forbidden my parents to take any call from our village now days so that no bad news reaches us till Diwali is over. Since two days I have been singing a song in front of my parents which can be roughly translated to, “every tom, dick and harry has put up lights, when would our number come lalalala?” (I am bad at translations, please put up with me)

My obsession with Diwali, lights and crackers isn’t new. I have always been like this. When I was a little girl, we didn’t have a house of our own, we either stayed at my uncle’s place or government quarters. I always dreamed of having our own home, a place we can put up lights on Diwali, a place with a small garden and a swing in it, a little room of my own where I could put up posters and hide my diaries. It’s only after my father’s retirement that we got our own house, but by then I was a BIG girl, who has to stay at random places, study and grow up. It’s only during holidays or festivals I get to stay here. And it’s a great feeling. Having a house of our own is actually one of my dreams that has actually come true.

So, my sister and her husband came to visit us today. He is actually the one who gets the duty to put up lights at our place. I had asked everyone to come wearing their best dresses since I was hoping to have a family photo session today. Well, I should have realized by now that it is extremely difficult to get our family in one frame. My dad didn’t have an ironed shirt; every time I asked my mom to smile she looked like someone is forcing her to eat something bitter; my nephew kept running here and there so most of the photographs had people looking in different directions. I did get some photographs but they look nothing like what I wanted. But you know, sometimes memories are more precious than photographs. For a long time now, my parents’ age and health has been a constant thought in my mind. Looking at them, I sometimes want to freeze the moment so that I could be with them a little longer. Taking more photographs, recording their calls is my way of freezing the moments.

 Growing up is difficult thing to do. That’s why I still like to be a child in few occasions. And festival like Diwali is such a day for me. Do you have days when you feel like or want to feel like a child? Let me know.


Lights and Happiness