Oh my Period!!

(Warning: This is a period rant, boys might want to stay away!)


Woke up this morning,

Feeling heavy in my heart,

Oh, boy better stay away,

Or Iโ€™ll tear you apart.

My face is all sweaty,

With pimples on my chin,

I am losing sleep,

Throwing money to the bin.

I am feeling so lonely,

Give me a damn hug,

Before I start crying,

Just pass me that drug.

I am hungrier than ever,

get me chips and choco-pie,

Donโ€™t you dare call me crazy,

Or prepare to die.

Mood swings are at its peak,

Hormones are out of town,

Boy, I donโ€™t want to be mean,

But I am down, down, down!

tenor (1)

Well, I am Damn ANGRY!


Gif from here and here.

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9 thoughts on “Oh my Period!!

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