Oh my Period!!

(Warning: This is a period rant, boys might want to stay away!)


Woke up this morning,

Feeling heavy in my heart,

Oh, boy better stay away,

Or I’ll tear you apart.

My face is all sweaty,

With pimples on my chin,

I am losing sleep,

Throwing money to the bin.

I am feeling so lonely,

Give me a damn hug,

Before I start crying,

Just pass me that drug.

I am hungrier than ever,

get me chips and choco-pie,

Don’t you dare call me crazy,

Or prepare to die.

Mood swings are at its peak,

Hormones are out of town,

Boy, I don’t want to be mean,

But I am down, down, down!

tenor (1)

Well, I am Damn ANGRY!


Gif from here and here.

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9 thoughts on “Oh my Period!!

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