And you have lost many wars,
in the past ten years,
you have been bruised,
have wiped countless tears.
You have lost some family,
some well known peers,
you have been hurt,
lost the music to your ears.
But you have always had hope,
hope that the clouds will disappear;
hope of a new world, bright and clear;
hope that success would someday be near;
And for now, that’s what matters my dear.


Some days are so hard to get by, that every effort to not be depressed goes in vain. A half hearted effort in poetry gives you some rhyming lines. And you wait for sleep to embrace you in its arms and make you numb enough to feel no pain. hope1

14 thoughts on “Hope…

  1. awesome..
    just wanna add one acronym for hope which i used way back in one of my posts and that is
    H- Hold
    O- On
    P- Pan
    E- Ends

    well written.. stay safe and god bless !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s a beautiful picture… the moment I looked at it, it reminded me of letting go- pain, regrets, failures. And the fact that you have posted this under Road to Success only makes me think even you believe all this struggle will lead to a better tomorrow. One where you’ll read these posts and smile at the days you ploughed through to arrive at a happy future 🙂


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