Meet Oreo

After Bhola left home, I didn’t think my parents would get another pet. They didn’t want to go through the pain of losing one again. But sometimes its not us who decide things, sometimes things just happen. And thus Oreo happened. This tiny kitten showed up at our doorsteps one day. He was too scared to come near humans but kept meowing in our garden. He would come at day and disappear by night. Slowly he started following us every where. He would nudge against our feet and ask for milk. But he would never drink it in front of us. We have to leave him alone, then only he takes a sip.

And now he’s our cat. He still doesn’t stay with us at night and we don’t force him too. He just comes by day, drinks his milk, chases lizards in our store room and plays with anything he could tear apart. He’s a wonderful boy. And though no other cat could be as good as Bhola, he has certainly filled a part of the void.

Here, meet Oreo and help him escape from me.


Don’t touch me! I hate humans…


I am not kidding. I’ll jump if you try to smother me with your love!


O dear lord! Do I really need to jump to save myself?


Or may be I should go inside this pipe and she won’t find me here! 


Oh an ant! Let me kill this and show this human how powerful I am! 


O mother Earth! Save me from this girl! She won’t leave me alone. 


10 thoughts on “Meet Oreo

  1. I am not much of a cat person, but I love the mischief in Oreo’s eyes.
    And i love the caption “Oh an ant!” Living with dogs, that totally resonates to me on how, in the middle of deciding whether to jump or not, an ant is suddenly important. LOL.

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    • I am an all animals person.. haha.. I love dogs but my parents don’t allow me to get one. “Too much responsibility” they say. But someday when I am on my own I’ll surely get a dog. Cats are somewhat meaner but they are still cute.
      And yes.. even my last cat used to play with ants and I’ve seen dogs do that do. 🤗

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      • I actually laughed out loud at this: Cats are somewhat meaner but they are still cute. That’s totally what I feel about them too. Yup – they’re cute, but not as genuine as dogs. If I ever find a genuine cat, I would say “That’s a dog-cat” 😀

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  2. Haha… I liked the picture story so much. Don’t you worry, just give him some love and affection and he will be your family soon. Just to let you know, I too have a cat at my home. She is shiny yellow and adorable. Will post her photos on blog soon.

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