Black and White Photo Challenge #3

Qutb Minar, Delhi

Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar, bus ishq mohhabbat pyar… ❤️

All my life, Delhi was a place of transition for me. It was the city that came midway while travelling from my hometown to both my colleges. It was the city, where I met my long distance boyfriend in bus stations, railway stations, airports. We roamed around its unknown lanes, aimlessly, just to spend time with each other. And two years ago, this city became an abode for both of us. Our long distance relationship, became short distance and I finally realised what it feels to be in a relationship. Delhi made me fall in love again, with a guy I was in love with since five years. 

Delhi is my “love” city. 

( I was nominated by Orange for the black and white photo challenge where I had to post pictures without any explanation but I bended the rules a bit. I believe every picture somehow tells a story and I like writing a few lines about each picture. Rules are meant to be broken, right?)

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