Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai…

Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai,

Mai kisi pul sa thartharata hun…

Tu bhale ratti bhar na sunti hai,

Mai tera naam budbudata hun…

Kisi lambe safar ki raahon main,

Tujhe alaav sa jalata hun..


Rough English Translation:

“You pass by like a train,

I shudder like a bridge under it.

Even though you don’t listen to me a bit,

I keep murmuring your name.

On a long journey,

I light up your memories (to keep me warm) ”


What a lovely song this is, with such marvellous lyrics. ( From the movie Masaan.) 

9 thoughts on “Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai…

  1. This is actually a poem, which was written by dushyant kumar. (May be I can be wrong) . He was a renowned poet of emergency era and well known for his revolutionary poetry. You can check his other poems as well, he is my favourite poet along with ramdhari singh dinkar.

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    • Pichle saal hi Dushyant Kumar ki kuch kavita padhi thi. So, I got to know about him. These lyrics were inspired by one of his poems. 😊
      Or dinkar toh school mai padha tha… 9th ya 10th mai shayad .

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      • Yaa I realised it when I went through other lines. First two lines are exactly same. Dinkar ji to hamare rashtrakavi hai.. unki poems to aaj bhi padh ke aisa lagta kash. Koi dusra dinkar hota.. I am really inspired by him but afsos unki shaili ko kabhi nahi likh paunga 😊


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