The Mandatory Birthday Post

When my sister called in today to ask if I am excited for my birthday, I told her no one likes to celebrate old age. Well, I used to be excited (which is a huge understatement) for my birthday until I turned twenty five. Now, this day just reminds me of how I am getting older every moment with almost none of my dreams looking to materialize in real life. The only unique thing about this birthday of mine is that I am sick since last few weeks and would spend my day sleeping and watching random videos.

I don’t like the depressing tone this post has attained so I would like to write about the things I did achieve since the time I turned twenty five. These aren’t great achievements in monetary/ professional fronts but have actually helped me in certain inexpressible ways.

  1. Ever since I turned eighteen I was very confident that I would never learn cooking, like never ever in my lives. Any day I entered kitchen I either broke or burned something, and thus my mom had pretty much debarred me from the kitchen. However in the past two years, I have not only learned to cook but I enjoy it. I have made chicken dishes, Chinese food, local pahadi food from scratch, and can pretty much cook anything (thanks to Youtube).
  2. I was a Shopaholic, like mad about buying clothes, shoes, bags during my college days, especially with the extra stipend I was getting during my PG. And I used to buy useless things; clothes I would never be comfortable wearing, shoes that hurt, and cosmetics I would never touch etc. I have now controlled my shopping urge. From being called a wasteful spender to pretty much being called a miser I have come a long way.
  3. Right from childhood, I never hesitated to help anyone with what I had, money, food etc except clothes. I associated memories with the clothes I wore and could never give them away even if I knew someone needed them. I don’t do that anymore. Last year I donated a number of clothes to little girls around my place and it felt good. Someday, if I become able enough to help more people in any way I can, I surely would. It somehow fees like my calling.
  4. I have had acne all my life. There was a time when my only goal in life was to wake up one day and see a spotless face in the mirror. I have struggled to accept my face the way it is almost my entire adult life. I have let acne run my life, like literally missing meeting friends, attending parties, events, etc because of how ugly I looked. However, slowly I am coming to terms with it. I used make up for the first time last year as I didn’t want myself to get depressed over the disheartening taunts of my relatives. But make up just made me feel more inauthentic. I never used it again. Random people in metro comment on my face and it does hurt me more than it should but I am getting better. There are people in the world who have so many things to worry about than some useless skin disorder. I can live with it.
  5. I have tried to improve my lifestyle in recent times. I mostly eat healthy. I am pretty sure that I am over my soft drink addiction and I have tried cutting down usage of ecologically harmful products. I wash my face with honey instead of face wash. I wash my clothes with soapnuts (reetha) instead of detergent. I try to buy organic and eco-friendly products wherever possible, especially from micro or small village industries. It not only helps me to lead a healthy life but also helps small farmers or innovators in certain ways.
  6. Last but not the least; I have learned to be happy. Contrary to how my blog sounds like, I am not that much of a depressed person. There was a time back in college, when I was too angry on people, on my parents, on myself for how life turned out for me even though it wasn’t half bad as it is now. I have controlled my anger to a great extent. I do have episodes of anger /depression/crying a few times even now but I calm down sooner and I don’t brood about LIFE the way I used to. I am okay.
  7. Oh…. how can I forget, I even learned to change diapers, not just filled with pee but poop too. This has to be my greatest achievement especially as I have no intention to be a mother ever. My mom still can’t believe that I cleaned my potty smeared nephew with my bare hands.

Well, I started writing this yesterday and my birthday will be over in another hour. 31/01/2018 was so different than the day I imagined it to be around a decade ago but what good it would be it life was so predictable!

To many more unpredictable, mysterious years…let’s see where life takes me!!!


42 thoughts on “The Mandatory Birthday Post

  1. Happy happy birthday Mona 💙

    I loved this post for its honesty and how beautifully you’ve learnt to love yourself a little more!
    Love you for that!😘😍


  2. Happy birthday dear friend, I’m happy that you’ve achieved many things up to now. But i wish that your acne problem was resolved as well. Please try the medication I gave you last year, it will surely help you.


  3. Happy Birthday..and I loved this post a lot.Generally people feel worthy and happy,only if they have achieved great things in life.But this post is very different,even small acievements,small things can make our lives better.It’s honest and thought provoking to.You wrote to accept yourself.Hope you achieve much more things in the future

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    • I am glad you liked the post. I was one among those people who always waited for those big days to feel all worthy but the wait never seemed to end. Now I try to improve my life in the smallest say possible. I could never figure out the extraordinary life so I am trying to find happiness with the ordinary! 😊😊
      Thanks for your lovely wishes. Have a good day… 😄

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  4. That’s so sweet of you type long passage.Even I kind find happiness in your honest comments.I think life is treasure of valuable memories.And pleasurable tiny moments,these tiny moment’s will make our life so satisfactory.I think this is what life is,finding happiness in all things,from baby smile to universe mysteries.Have a good day mona😃


  5. Gifting people who are not as privileged as us always feels good! 🙂
    Boy! does your nephew not look happy! 😀
    And Belated Happy Birthday! Hope the forthcoming year brings you happiness and most importantly, your long harboured dreams to fruition 🙂

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  6. Happy wala budday, Mona. We do change with times which gives us perspective and glad to read personal growth made to seek happiness in life. Birthdays no longer makes so much of sense to me and I have removed it from social media as well! A beautifully written reflection on what kicks us in life. The perfect gift you can give to yourself.


  7. Belated birthday wishes dear…don’t know how I missed this post.
    You’re beautiful from inside out. Loving yourself, accepting limitations & appreciating what you do are the best gift you have got for yourself. Really liked this post for its honesty & simplicity. Much love

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you… 🙂 Sorry for the late reply. I am not using a smartphone these days and fail to see comments on laptop. 😦 Thank you for all your lovely comments.. 🙂


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