Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be

I’d Rather Be…


Waking up as the first rays of sun pour into my bedroom,


and watch this little one go moo moo first thing in the morning.


Or make my knees green by rolling in these grass fields


and sometimes build hay stakes on the hill slopes.


Spend the noon counting unripe mangoes on the tree I planted in my childhood,


and plucking strawberries from our garden,


Or may be look around for wild berries in the jungle.


I would watch the sparrows perched on our wooden terrace,


and build a scarecrow to fly them away from the crop.


I would spend the evening listening to the sound the river makes as it flows down the valley,


and wait for another day in this place I once called Home.Β 

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be

    • Thanks NJ… ❀ I said "once I called Home" because no one lives here anymore except a few of my old and retired aunts and uncles. It is a small village in the himalayas with almost no facilities so people have migrated away to the cities. Most of the villages in my state are now called ghost villages because the houses are empty, the fields are barren and the forests are filled with vermin. 😦

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  2. This one was like a dream. I loved all the pictures and I feel how fortunate you were to call such a place home. I come from UP so all my life I have been in the plains. A bit of travel and I have realized that while oceans are beautiful and serene, the mountains are my happy place. I love snow capped mountains, valleys, clouds and then all that up and down walking that comes with hilly regions. Thank you for sharing this post. If it was possible, I would have bought a house around Himalayas.

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    • Mountains are my happy place too. But college and job search has taken me away from the place. I wish to settle at home too. Hopefully our dreams will come true someday… And you could always come by my home and enjoy the view of the himalayas. It is right in front of my ancestral house.

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