Buddha’s Teaching

Some stories remain with us for a long time. This one is from a history book I happen to read for an exam and this is what I often quote to people or remind myself at times of anger or displeasure-

One day Buddha and his disciples were passing through a village. An ignorant and rude man came up to him and started abusing him. The Buddha listened to him silently and after the man was done abusing he asked the young man, ” Tell me my son, if you give a present to someone and he doesn’t accept it, to whom does the present belong?”

The man replied, ” It belongs to me as I am the one who bought it”

The Buddha then said, ” Dear son, I do not accept your abuse. You are angry with me and have bestowed me with curses, but if I do not accept your anger, then the anger falls back onto you just as the gift returns to its owner.” 

The story might be a modified version of what happened back then but every time I read this, it gives me the strength to ignore the insults, the anger, the hurt directed towards me by anyone. I know, it is very tough to apply such teachings in real life but life is nothing but a game of trial and error. Moreover, in the last few years I have really tried to control my anger. I was a very short tempered girl once, ready to explode and force my wrath over someone in a matter of seconds  (my mother and best friend were the worst causalities). Now, I try not to hurt people. I do fail, many times but trust me, I have improved quite a lot.

( P.S. My boyfriend would laugh out loud after reading this because he is still subjected to my cruelty on a daily basis.)