For several years there has been a pattern in the kind of dreams I see while sleeping. Ever since I joined college, I had this recurring dream where I had been running away from something or someone. Some days I would be in a forest and a wild beast would follow me and I would run away from it. Some days there would be a disaster at my hometown like a fire or an earthquake or a war and I would try to save myself by running away. Some nights I would be running away from a man who is out to kill me. And some days I would just be running away from some unknown, invisible dark power. And almost always I was all alone in these dreams. Initially I used to be worried about these dreams and explore several dream interpretation websites. But after a while I was so accustomed to these dreams that I stopped looking for them.

Cut to the last one year or so, my dreams have slightly taken a U-turn. Now, I don’t see myself running away from something but towards it and failing to do so. I often see myself trying to go to my hometown, but there would be so many obstacles in the way like barbed wires, unbelievably narrowed roads, flooded areas and so on. And now, I even see other people with me. But these obstacles are only there for me and not for these other people. They go on normally while I face so many constraints for going to the same place.  Just the other night I saw this dream where I was going to my hometown and I had to go on a helicopter. So everyone got into it, while I couldn’t get a seat and was asked to stand in the place where all the luggage is kept. After a while, the helicopter stops at a place and I step down to look around. Suddenly, the helicopter takes off again leaving me at a dark and strange street. I try to ask the people on the streets for my way home but no one seems to help me. After walking for a while, I can actually see my home away in a far off mountain but I have no idea how to go there. And just like that, I wake up.

And this is just one sample of what I see almost on a daily basis. May be I am reading too much into it, but these dreams are so constant and  vivid in my memories, that I end up thinking about them.

I guess my sub-conscious mind is playing some dirty tricks on me.

Anyway, do you have any recurring dream you would like to share with me? Is it normal for people to see the same kind of dreams for years altogether?