To Be Continued…

I am taking a break from the world. A break from everything—- blogging, internet, social media, texting, emailing, and from people. At least for a while.

Life is a little  rough right now and has been so for the past three years basically. I am unable to get out of this rut.

I try to be positive and happy but nothing seems to get better. Every time I try to keep my blog a positive place and end up failing to do so. How is someone supposed to be positive if nothing positive ever happens in her life.

I know and understand that many people around the world are going through so much pain and unhappiness right now and I try to help them. I try to be as kind to people as I can. And if I find no way to help them I cry for them, I pray for them even though my hope in God diminishes with time. I still pray.

But how do I help people when I can’t help myself.

Everything I have ever wanted in life, love, career…seems to be a distant dream right now. Like I have failed in every aspect of life and it seems like a big question mark.

And how do I dream big when even my smallest, tiniest, little, petty, negligible dreams never come true.

There were times when I used to console myself saying that when something good would finally happen in my life I would forget all the difficulties I am going through right now. Every pain would diminish, and all this time would feel like a bad dream. But this bad dream doesn’t seem to get over.

Life is nothing but a bad dream repeating itself all over again.

Does this ever get better?

I hope to find a way soon. Till then I’ll be away from this place.

Tell me, it is all going to work out in the end. And that this isn’t the end.