This or That Tag

I normally don’t participate in blogging tags and awards but ever since I read Moushmi’s post, I knew I had to do this. It had some interesting questions and even though no one has actually tagged me, I am gonna do this. Here we go…

  1. Dog or Cat : Both. I am an animal person and dream of having lots of furry friends some day.
  2. Netflix or YouTube: YouTube…got no money for Netflix.
  3. Toast or Eggs: I like eggs but I don’t like eating them for breakfast. So toast in the morning and eggs for lunch or dinner.
  4. Cardio or Weights: None. I am not a fitness enthusiast at all. I did try seven days of yoga but that’s it. I gave up getting up in the morning after those tiring seven days.
  5. Facebook or Twitter: I love twitter. I am addicted to it. Facebook, oh well… I have got nothing to show off. I do use it occasionally to stalk ex friends and crushes. Breaks my heart all the time. Hate it.
  6. Ice cream cone or snow cone: Snow cone is like Ice-gola right, the thing with shaved ice. I have no idea, so skip this!
  7. Mobile games or console games: None. I am not into gaming at all. Never was, never will.
  8. While walking, music or podcasts: Music. Oh God!!! Is that even a question? Music all the time, every where, every single moment. I can’t imagine a word without music.
  9. iOS or Android: Too poor for iOS. So android obviously!
  10. Cake or Pie: None. I don’t like sweets except for ice cream and may be chocolates. Oh wait..are pies sour/salty too? I have no idea.
  11. Swimming or Sunbathing: I don’t know how to swim and I have already got damaged skin, don’t need more UV rays to worsen my looks.
  12. Big party or small gathering: Depends on the people and on my mood. I normally like to stay away from people but I can be a party animal too if I want to.
  13. New clothes or new phone: I am not so crazy about phones. I was crazy about clothes,now not so much. Anyway, if  given a choice I would pick a phone and give it to my guy. He loves phones and all that shit.
  14. Rich friend or loyal friend: For the moment, no friend. And speaking generally, why do we need money or loyalty from friends? I for example, just need people to have fun with, and talk about things, life and sorrows and happiness and memories.
  15. Football or Basketball: Like a billion other Indians, Cricket! The only thing I thank Britishers for. Oh, I thank them for J.K Rowling too.
  16. Nice car or Nice home interiors: Hmm… as a kid I always dreamed of having our own house. Now that my parents have a house, I don’t know if it was a house or a home I wished for. As for the question, I am trying not to wish for materialistic things for now.
  17. What’s worse, laundry or dishes: I would prefer laundry if given a choice.
  18. Jogging or hiking: Hiking. I mean that’s basically walking right? I like walking. And I am from the mountains so that is what we normally do to go anywhere.
  19. Bath or shower: Bucket bath ( Is that a term? oh yeah, I just googled) That’s what Indians do right! Saves water too.
  20. Sneakers or sandals: Anything flat. I can’t manage heels. I look like a lunatic wearing heels.
  21. Glasses or contacts: Glasses. I wanted to wear glasses ever since I was a kid and now God has bestowed me with terrible sight so have to wear them all the time. And I have never tried contacts, feels too weird to put alien objects in my eyes.
  22. Hamburger or taco: Chicken Burgers.
  23. Couch or Recliner: Couch.
  24. Online shopping or shopping in a store: Online shopping any day. I mean you are giving me an option to avoid people and the comfort of ordering things from my bed. Thank God for planting this idea on someone’s head. ( Oh, that rhymes)
  25. Receive, email or letter: I love both. But who writes letters these days. I used to write letters to my friend till about 2011-2012. But then came the era of cheap calls/sms and letters disappeared. I guess I still wrote few letters to my guy in 2013-14. I am not sure. I still write him long emails though. And as for receiving, the last letter I got was from my above mentioned friend. As for emails, please send me some. I love receiving long emails.
  26. Passenger or Driver: I can’t drive so passenger.
  27. Tablet or Computer: Computer, I guess.
  28. Most important in a partner, Intelligent or funny: Intelligence, humour or good looks might draw us to someone in the first instance but when it comes to relationships, I think the ability to be the “true you” with your partner is what matters the most. I am lucky enough to be with someone with whom I get the confidence of being me with all my quirks, my craziness, my disappointments, my embarrassments, my tears, and my devilish laughter. Truth and honesty is what I want from my partner and something I am willing to give.
  29. Car or Truck: I don’t want to own these things but would prefer to travel by car. Or even truck, in an adventure, being lost somewhere.
  30. Blue or Red: Bleed Blue.
  31. Money or Free Time: Have enough money to be able to have free time.
  32. Amusement park or Day at the Beach: Beach please!
  33. At a movie, Candy or Popcorn: Popcorn.
  34. Pen or Pencil: Pen, I like colors other than grey.
  35. Pancake or Waffle: Pancakes, I know how to make them.
  36. Coke or Pepsi: Thumbs Up!
  37. Coffee Cup or Thermos: I like cups, hate coffee.
  38. Blinds or Curtain: Curtains swaying with the wind, romantic!
  39. Train or Plane: Sorry to disappoint the kid me who was obsessed with the dream of going in an airplane, trains are better. I mean, I enjoy train journeys more than airplanes. There is a certain kind of romanticism in travelling by a train.
  40. Phone or Tablet: Phone.
  41. Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee: I guess many people are going to hate me for this but I dislike the smell of coffee. I have never had a full cup of coffee in my life.
  42. Meat or Vegetables: I like chicken. And there’s this moral dilemma I am in since last two years. I want to stop eating chicken but I have been unable to do so. I was so sure of leaving non-veg food on my birthday this year but I started it again. I have reduced the consumption these days and hopefully soon enough I’ll stop being a hypocrite( boasting of my love for animals) and stop eating flesh.
  43. International vacation or a New TV: I would love a free vacation (who doesn’t) but I have this small dream of buying a new TV for my parents, since I don’t know when. They still have that 90’s television and they don’t want to waste money on a new one. Some stuff happened, and I decided that someday I am going to buy them a TV. I know its stupid but who doesn’t have stupid dreams.
  44. Save or Spend: Spend on people who need it.
  45. Honesty or other’s feelings: That is a tricky one. I was known to be honest in college, telling people on their face what’s wrong with them etc. And the same thing goes with my family. But I think I can be honest only with those people who want to hear the truth. Some people want to be in a cocoon and I let them be in it.
  46. Coffee or Tea: I love tea. But trying to cut down on my tea consumption lately.
  47. TV or Book: Book, of course.
  48. Movie at home or Movie at the theater: No preference. depends on my mood.
  49. Oceans or Mountains: I can never be bored of mountains.
  50. Horror Movie or Comedy Movie: Comedy. I hate rarely seen a horror movie. I get terrible nightmares if I do, so I avoid doing that.
  51. City or Countryside: Countryside. I am not very fond of cities.
  52. Winter or Summer: Summer gives me migraines. So, winter. Plus winters gives you the freedom to dress shabbily, all covered up.
  53. Soup or Sandwich: Both.
  54. Card games or Board games: Not much interested but I would probably prefer board games.
  55. Camping or binge watching shows at home: Both, depends on mood.
  56. Sweater or Hoodie: No preference. I don’t have much of a dressing sense. I tried dressing up in college sometimes but I guess not every girl is supposed to understand fashion. Now, I don’t even try.
  57. Motorcycle or bicycle: I am a little scared of riding a bike. I may have an undiagnosed phobia of driving.
  58. Book or e-book: Book.
  59. When sleeping, fan or no fan: You want me to live in this tropical monsoonal climate of India without a fan! No way…
  60. TV shows or Movies: Both.

And I am done. If anyone wants to take up the tag, you are most welcome. As I said earlier, it is interesting. 🙂