On The Other Side Of Silence: To Be a Woman

What is it to be a woman
Is it to be weaker
Is it to be stronger
Are we different
Why are some of us mistreated
Why some of us mistreat others
Are we smarter
Are we more sensible
Are we more beautiful
Are we powerful
Are we supposed to be friendlier
Is our dignity superior
Do we need to be taught
Do we need to feel equal
Do we pretend to be equal
Did we learn something from our grandmothers
Were our grandmothers inferior than us
Were our grandmothers more respected than us
Being a female is it good
Being a daughter is it better
Are we problem solvers
Are we problem creators
What is our meaning in this life
Are we to be mothers
Are we to maintain life in this planet
Are we to be wives
Are we to support our family
Are we to be bridges between civilizations
Are we to the peace among tribes
Are we monarchs ruling lands across the seas
Are we spys ready to dies for our country
Are we singers
Are we scientists
Are we children
Are we teenagers
Are we writers
Are we poets
Are we journalists
Are we managers
Are we housekeepers
Are we cooks
Are we thieves
Are we rich
Are we poor
Are we fat
Are we skinny
Are we sick
Are we healthy
Are we crazy
Are we sane
Why are we often guilty
Why are we often cheated
Why do we defend our rights
Are our rights threatened
Who threaten our position
Do we have enemies
Do we have allies
Do we have a voice
Do we really want to be heard
Do we have something to say
Are we sinners
Are we pious
Is it our fault that we’re on Earth
Is it because of us that we’re mortals
Is the woman a symbol of life and death
Is the woman a weapon to be feared
Is the woman not a being needing care
Is the woman so invaluable to be rejected and abused
Is the woman not to be respected and cherished
Is the woman not a creation of God

Now I’m asking…. who am I?

– Novus Lectio


Sketch By Novus Lectio

Novus Lectio is the author of the books Who Went Out Of Africa, The Theory Of Fate, and Poems and Haikus. She runs two blogs here and here and has recently started a Community Pool for bloggers to promote their blogs and to provide a daily dose of inspiration. You can also follow her on Facebook.


On the Other End of Silence is a new category on my blog that focuses on gender issues where I am inviting posts from everyone who is willing to contribute. If you have something to say, whether personal or fictional, positive or negative, a rant or a suggestion, you can mail me your entries at pseudomonazz@gmail.com(Contact). There are no rejections, no prizes, no rules and no word-limits, just a platform to voice your opinions.

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