Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai…

Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai,

Mai kisi pul sa thartharata hun…

Tu bhale ratti bhar na sunti hai,

Mai tera naam budbudata hun…

Kisi lambe safar ki raahon main,

Tujhe alaav sa jalata hun..


Rough English Translation:

“You pass by like a train,

I shudder like a bridge under it.

Even though you don’t listen to me a bit,

I keep murmuring your name.

On a long journey,

I light up your memories (to keep me warm) ”


What a lovely song this is, with such marvellous lyrics. ( From the movie Masaan.) 


What Do You Seek…

What do you see,

in the vastness of the universe?

Do you look out for hope, faith

or money?

Or for the fireflies 

lighting their bodies 

in the dark corners of the forest?

Do you believe in magic

or in the chemical called 


Do you want to get lost

Or to find yourself 

in the face of defeat?

Do you wait,

for the rain to cleanse you

or do you drench yourself,

in the sorrow of your own tears?

What do you seek, 

from the universe,

The pain of discipline,

or the agony of regret?


2018: The Beginning

When I was home in the last few months, I went through my old diaries, the first being as old as 15 years. Somehow, preteen Mona chose 2018 as the year she would finally settle down. She had written down every thing she would want to have by the year 2018. She had dreams of being a good looking doctor (influenced by a medical drama on TV) , working in a big city, and even being married. She had even decided the names of her future kids.

Present Mona is laughing right now, realizing that 2018 is an hour away and none of those dreams came true. And how she’s no where close to that ‘settle down’ phase. And also a little worried that she has forgotten the names of her unborn children.

Well, I would like to tell my 12 year old self is that even though none of those plans worked out, life is fine. And right now, even being okay is okay. If one dream fizzles out, you can always dream again. And even if life doesn’t make any sense right now, someday it will. There have been lots of regrets, heartbreaks, failures all these years but every single moment has only led you to your true self. You aren’t successful in societal terms, but after years of being lost, you are finally getting to know yourself & your true desires, and even though you have nothing, you aren’t as insane as you were a few years ago.

Everyday is a new beginning. Keep moving on…

Happy New Year to my WordPress Family. May your year be filled with laughter and magical moments. I hope you visit places you have always dreamed of, kiss someone you find adorable. I hope you find courage to live your dreams, make mistakes and learn from them. I hope you sing, and dance with joy. I wish life showers you with wonderful surprises. Have a great year. 😊




How Do You Say “I Love You”?

Around a year ago, during one of the most difficult phases of my life, in between an episode of terrible migraine I knocked on his doors. My head was bursting with pain, and I wanted to shut myself away from the world, distant from anything that produced any light or sound. His small, dingy room in a secluded space was a perfect place to crash down. After several bouts of nausea and vomiting, I was in a bad shape. As the headache subsided a little, my stomach was growling with hunger and all I wanted to eat were potatoes exactly the way my mother makes them. Not his way. Not my way. But the way my mother cooks them. With almost no expectations I told him the recipe. In his one room apartment, while I rested in his bed, he toiled in the kitchen to cook something he hadn’t even tasted. After half an hour or so, with almost a frightened look on his face he asked me to taste the food. I took a bite and smiled. It tasted exactly like my mother’s. And, for the thousandth time, I fell in love with the same guy.

After several years of being in a relationship, I understood that love is not just the butterflies you get in your stomach when you hold each other’s hand for the first time, or your first kiss, or roses on Valentine’s Day, or a romantic night under the sky.

More than being just a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart, love is a verb.

And in love, more than what you say, what matters more is what you do.


 Inspired by: Discover



Thunder and Lightning


Claps of thunder and bolts of lightning
Wind comes howling through
Sometimes love is just a kite string
And a heart shaped tattoo

And holding on can be so frightening
I know she’s frightened too
But I’ll go dancing out in the thunder and lightning
If she will too

If she tells me she will too…


(Words from a song by Passenger)