Imperfect Love

We like to walk on lanes,

that are less travelled by,

And roam in unseen,

unheard places.

We like cooking meals together,

I cut onions, and

he wipes my tears.

He leaves the dishes unwashed.

and I forgive him every morning.

We like watching movies,

and laugh at silly scenes together.

He with his crooked teeth,

Me with my scarred cheeks.

We built forts in our dirty room,

and lie in tangled sheets.

We fight for the tiniest of things,

and then make up in a jiffy.

In a world striving for perfection,

We have found an imperfect love.



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The Clueless Guy

There is this general perception that one can never understand a woman. I have no idea why is it so. We women are the most vocal species on this planet. We are more expressive as compared to men about the things we like or we don’t like. Added to that we keep on giving you hints about what things do we want as gifts on specific occasions. Remember when we told you how good that blue bag displayed outside that neighborhood shop looked, or how awesome was that watch with a round dial we showed you on Amazon. Yet you didn’t listen and bought a brown bag and a rectangular watch instead.
The problem, dear men, is not about understanding, it’s about listening. You must carefully listen to the words that come out of our mouth, every single one of them. A moment of disinterest might make you to miss the color of the sandals that would go around with a specific dress and you might end up having an argument.

So the other day, I asked my guy to get me something. Something very cheap like under Rs100. And I still have no idea why but he brought me color pencils! I was speechless. I mean he could have bought me a pen and that would have made some sense but why on earth did he give me color pencils! I never draw. I have never drawn anything since school got over nor did I ever express some sort of dream of drawing something in my life. But here we were having an argument over color pencils. He ended up being irritated as he never understands what I want from him and because I never like his gifts. To pacify him I thought of showing him my great artistic skills using his gift.


And I made this! Well when he asked me why I made him look like a psycho killer torturing a little girl, I told him not to insult my “art” and to find a deeper meaning in it. Haha. That was the end of our little argument.

I haven’t touched those colors again as I don’t want to torture the future generations with my artistic skills.
To all the guys who find it tough to understand a woman,  just listen to them. They do make sense especially when they want something from you.

And to all those people who celebrate Valentines day, have a happy weekend. May your life be filled with love and laughter.

Finding The Perfect Man

It’s hard isn’t it, to decide what you want from life, especially in cases related to your heart. I mean how do you go about finding the right guy for you? Who is this perfect man every classic novel, every chick flick raves about? One guy is hot, and the other one is oh-so-smart, one is the-nice-guy, and the other one is witty, but all in one, oh no, he doesn’t exist.

There was this one guy in school I had a crush on. Even if it isn’t the right adjective to describe a boy, but man, he was oh-so-beautiful. His cuteness level was beyond 100 on a scale of 10. But, he always treated me like some Goddess you know, and not in a sexy kind of way. Actually I was a class topper while he sucked in studies, so he always addressed me with all this respect like I am some kind of a nerd or something. He still does it, even when we are like almost a decade away from high school.  So, all his cuteness just withers out.

Hell yeah!!! Cute guy spotted...

Hell yeah!!! Cute guy spotted…

Then there was this really hot guy who went to the same tuition as me. It has been seven years since I last saw him but I still stalk him on Facebook. He’s in the Navy now, and that uniform has only added to his hotness. I really don’t know anything about him other than his apparently hot-looking-bod on the pictures he posts in Facebook but that doesn’t seem enough to hunt him down.

Yup..It's my hobby!! Deal with it.

Yup..It’s my hobby!! Deal with it.

The third crush of mine was this typical nerd from 11th grade. He was this shy (nice) guy who became my friend after leaving school. We bonded over orkut, emails, and my sad stories about life where I used to do most of the talking. The problem here was he fell in love with a friend of mine, and I chose to remain silent about my crush. I guess it was for the best, we ended up being good friends.

Next was this blogger, I met here on WordPress. From cheesy mails, to supportive calls and his funny pjs, he seemed to have it all. He never looked good in pictures, except this one photograph where he looked kinda sexy. But he was proud and the timing wasn’t right and he never seemed to like me that way. And we ended up being friends (again), and I treasure our friendship because he was there for me in the worst phase of my life. (You were near perfect, my friend.)

Moving on, the next one is a guy I met in college two years ago and the only thing I wanted to do was to kiss him, nothing more, and nothing less. He’s what a friend of mine describes correctly as “just a pair of lips” and not a human being for me. It was insane, I didn’t like him at all, he was a male chauvinist, full of attitude but I had this huge “kissing crush” on him. I thank my stars that he left college before I could do anything stupid because I would have ended up regretting it all my life.

And then, my last one (until today) was a guy in college, a doppelganger of a Bollywood star. He was tall & handsome, with this sexy stubble that only added to his charm. But he was three years my junior and I was scared for being termed a paedophile (haha). What if he thought of me as this desperate spinster who stares at him, especially when he had the option to choose from so many hot girls around? Seriously how would you feel if this average looking senior checks you out?  The only respite was that he was dumb (that’s what his batch mate told me), and probably never got to know about my crush.

Let me have a look at him...

Let me have a look at him…

I have had many crushes since I got past puberty, but none seems to fit the “novelistic” perfect guy criteria. You see, the cute guy who respected me way too much, the hot navy guy I know nothing about, the nerd who talked way too less, the smart but proud blogger, the kissable male chauvinist, and the dumb Bollywood look alike, they were all good but weren’t perfect.

And what is perfection really? Isn’t it different for different individuals? I, for instance ended up falling in love with this guy who isn’t cute, funny, or has an amazing body. We are two average, ambitious yet lazy individuals who complete each other. While I am indecisive, crazy, and fickle minded, he sets definite goals in life, works on them and feels content with whatever he gets. He talks less, I talk way too much. I write, while he sucks at it. He is into gaming, while I am technologically handicapped. It’s like separately we are disasters but together we are a perfect team. And maybe, just maybe it is not about finding the perfect guy/girl but about finding the perfect combination. What do you think?


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Moms And Their Superpowers

I have a bad habit of biting my nails whenever I sit down to study. I never realise I am doing it until someone points it out to me. So this morning when I was sitting in my room, lost in my newspaper, my mother shouted from the kitchen, “Stop biting your nails”. Very steadily I removed my thumb from my mouth and shouted back, “How do you know that I am biting my nails? You are in the kitchen”.  And my mom replied, “Because I have a third eye which has magical powers”. And trust me this mystical third eye is not fake, it’s definitely a real thing. This special power of my mom to locate every single thing I have ever lost in my lifetime has helped me a lot: my specs every time I remove them for bathing or washing my face, that small almost-invisible-to-my-eyes button I lost from my shirt, that important document I kept carefully some time back but forgot where I kept it when it was actually required, my slippers, my camera, my books, my socks, you name it!

But the third eye has its drawbacks too. Back in childhood every mischief of ours was caught by our mother. By some sixth sense, she came to know that my brother took a round in the roller-coaster in spite of her warnings of no to do so, that my sister stole two rupees from my father’s pocket, that I myself signed my test papers instead of showing them to her.  You see, the three of us never left any witness or evidences but she always caught us red handed. It is her clever investigative techniques that I have nicknamed her CID. This power of hers in not limited by distance, even when I am miles away from her, she can always sense my sadness, pain or discomfort. I actually check my room to see whether she has secretly installed a camera somewhere or not.

I have actually come to a conclusion that the moment a woman becomes a mother, God gifts her with an extra sense: a connection with her child that is time proof, distance proof, and age proof. I witnessed this extra-sense-granting-ceremony exactly two years back when my sister gave birth to her son. The moment the little baby arrived, everyone was excited to see him while my mother was more eager to see her daughter, she couldn’t calm down till the doctors brought my sister out of the operation theatre. Every time the baby made a little noise my sister’s heartbeats shot up and the alarm of the monitor started ringing. Hearing the alarm, my own mother’s blood pressure increased. It was worrisome yet surreal: the mamta (maternal affection) of two mothers. I don’t think there is anything as unique as a mother’s love in this universe and this love is the reason our mothers know us better than anyone. This third eye of a mom always protects her child from any misfortune that could happen to him/her. This bond and mamta attributes them to be our saviour, our spies, and our life guards. And this is what makes them special…

Care to share any superpower your mom possess… do comment below. 🙂