Awards :-)

Lately been nominated for a lot many blog awards but due to time constraints i wasn’t able to thank those lovely people who nominated me. This is a short post to show my gratitude. I won’t be able to follow any rules this time, sorry everyone, time is what i don’t have.

Mridula and Manu Kurup nominated me for Blog of the year 2012 award. Thank you so much for that.

Soumya, meholysmile and once4always nominated me for the Beautiful blogger award. Thank you friends.

Sakshi nominated me for the Reality blog award. Thank you so much for it.

Moving alone,

When i thought no one was my own,

You made me believe,

And helped me achieve,

Heights, i never knew existed.


A Day Of Hundreds

Isn’t this great? I still can’t believe it. A 100 followers!!!! I am so happy. Thank you everyone for reading me, for believing in me when no one does (not even me). This feels awesome. As i’ve said earlier, i never thought anyone is ever going to read me but here it is, a proof that people actually do read me and they like what they read.

When nothing in my life felt alright, this blog gave me hope. When i had lost my love, my friends, my career, i got this passion to write, to write about my journey, the heart breaks, the tragedies and comedies of it and here i’ve a blog read by more than 100 people across the world. Thank you guys, thank you for joining me in this journey. And thank you for making me believe in my life again.

” The Art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe”

And yes,i am discovering myself everyday with the words i write here and the words i read.

By the way, did you guys notice the title of this post. It says a day of hundreds and not just hundred, that’s because there is one more hundred in my life today. Hundred days left for my exam. Yes, the one i always write about, GATE. Just 100 days left for it. I am running out of time everyday. Now, i’ve to get all serious about it.

And therefore from today, less blogging and more studying.

Wish me luck. I need it to get out of this shell. And for that i need to clear this exam. When i was struggling with my life, all the bloggers here , their works, their journeys have inspired me to do well. And i hope to improve my life, to be a successful young girl, coming out of my miseries and make my dreams come true.

When i started blogging, i stored all my posts in a folder named ‘ My World’ and you know what, My world is expanding day by day. 🙂

Thank you all…






YIPPEEE……one more award!!!

This couldn’t get any better….i am in love with blogging…. 🙂 What else could have brought me so many awards….not many actually but yes the 2nd one…..all thanks to Ti….she has been so inspiring and supportive since the very beginning….she is so sweet…she even asked me not to follow any rules….i think all of you are well aware of my rule breaking character by now….but i am going to follow all…..hmmmm sorry not all but a few rules here……

it took me so long to write this post because i was thinking of these 7 things about me….

1. I spend almost 16 hours a day thinking nonsense. 🙂

2. I hate sleeping. I love dreaming.

3. I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. Their songs are just awesome.

4. I have a pet cat named Bhola. He is so cute. Right now he’s sleeping next to me.

5. I love to dance but i am not trained. But Once i finish college and everything i am surely going to join a dance school. Seekhne ki koi umar nhi hoti right???

6. I think i cant write more then 5. I seriously cant follow rules…hehe…

7. Yup i got the 7th one…my laptop sucks…i couldn’t write a post since 2-3 days because my laptop gave up again. After spending almost 6k in repairing it, it still doesnt work properly. Jab mood hota hai start ho jata hai and jab mood hota hai it shuts down. 😦

so the next rule is to nominate fellow bloggers for this lovely award…i know most of you already have it..yet ye dil maange more ryt….! and this is to tell you all that i just love reading your posts and you are all so lovely people out there……

Here goes the list…..

i just want you all to accept this award and just feel good about it…

if you want to follow any rule its fine…if not,its your wish….

i just want to let you know how special you all are…!!! 🙂

here’s mine and now yours the one and only lovely blog award….hehe

Super Sweet Blogger award

So i got nominated for my 1st blogger award i.e the Super Sweet Blogger award by Amyth and that is so sweet of him. Its not even a week since i started blogging and he has been so appreciative of everything i am writing here. You’ve truly encouraged me to write more. THANK YOU.

i cant even think of writing poems like you do. still would like to dedicate these lines for you..promise me you wont laugh.

” Its a myth that the world is full of bitterness,

because i’ve found someone as sweet as you.

With chemicals in your genes you are bound to be restless,

Thank you for appreciating me the way you do”

hehe….the poet in me give up!! sorry, cant write more… 😦

so now the very very tough 5 questions…hmmmm….

1) Cookies or Cake?

Cookies i guess.

2) Chocolate or Vanilla?

Vanilla has always been my favourite.

3) What is your Favorite Sweet Treat?

Not made yet.

4) When do you crave sweet things the most?

The only time i do crave sweet things is during exams.

5) If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?

I already have a sweet nickname, its mona…:-)

So now moving on to ‘breaking the rules’ part. i dont want to nominate anyone right now…well i am not being rude or selfish here…its just that i dont know a lot many people here right now… may be after some time i’ll nominate more then a dozen people for this sweet award.

Sorry for that!!! 😦

here’s the logo….thank you once again Amyth… 🙂