I wanted to write about change, in seasons or in time,

or how bad days are always followed up by

not-so-bad days, or even good days.

But I am not so sure now,

for there is no sign of spring

this fog never descends and the cold has embraced me.

Winter has fallen in love with me,

and may be I have fallen for it too.

And both of us don’t want this love to change.

Life goes on…




Both the images are of the same tree(Peepal or Sacred Fig) taken eight years apart. The first one was taken in 2009 while the second one last year in 2017. 


Growing Up….



Growing up,

I’ve learned to lie,

To cheat at times,

To ignore old friends,

And to compromise.

I’ve seen people leave,

Changed feelings,

Those intriguing eyes,

And broken dreams.

I’ve loved,

And lost,

And loved again.

I’ve lived alone,

Laughed and cried,

I’ve given up hope,

Only to give life,

Another try.

I’ve failed,

And risen again,

I’ve walked many miles,

Only to lost my way,

I’ve managed to smile,

At the end of a bad day.

I’ve been on this journey,

Since a long time,

Growing up,

I’ve lost a part of me,

A part that was innocent,

And carefree…

I Won’t Rest In Peace

There are no tears in my eyes as I leave this place,

Nor do I feel any pain, no emotions on my face.

This soil now smells of my blood,and

The air is mixed with ashes of my existence.

All my dreams lie shattered on the floor,

My life has ended, destiny has closed its doors.

I wanted to live, wasn’t given that right,

I was silenced even before I could fight.

As my soul rises above, I could see people out on the streets,

Why didn’t they come out to cover up my battered body, at that time of need?

It wasn’t just me who was tormented that night,

Each mark on my corpse depicts a woman’s plight.

Whom should i blame is the question on my mind,

The government,culture or people, they are all the same kind.

The moment you demand justice for me, raise your voices in a protest,

A girl somewhere meets the same fate as mine, her voice is supressed.

And my soul wanders along with those who were snatched the right to live,

We were killed just for being women, none of you can we forgive.

We won’t rest in peace if you just hang a person or two,

You can’t change the world, until you bring a change within you!


Love You Like a Taylor Swift Song

With love Taylor ❤

When I was fifteen,

I never really believed any fairy tale.

And then I met you,

Saw those beautiful eyes,

Filled with so many emotions,

So deep that I could sail.

You were fearless,

I was innocent.

Did you plan to fall in love with me,

Or was it just a coincidence?

You said we’ll be together forever and always,

And you won’t leave me however the phase.

Did I tell you, for me that was the best day?

I was spellbound; there was nothing I could say.

As time passed by, things were meant to change.

Tell me why you became so strange.

We were happy till,

You went out of range!

A year has passed by,

Still I can hardly breathe.

Everyday your memories kill me, I die,

Still you are not sorry.

I never knew, the first would be our last kiss.

And you would be,

Someone I had to miss.

If that was the case,

You should have said no,

The way I loved you,

I never thought you would,

Leave me and go.

Half of my heart died,

When you said you are not mine.

After what you did,

How can you expect me to be fine?

I never knew it would be,

Our last night together, and

You would never return.

Never knew this love, would end

And you’ll be just another,

Picture to burn!!!

This poem is inspired by my favorite TAYLOR SWIFT. I am just another heartbroken girl in love… Love you Taylor!

P.S.: Every Word In Black is a Taylor Swift song…… 🙂