Your eyes follow me around,

in a room full of strangers,

and I can hear your voice

amongst millions of sounds.

Love, they say, brings you warmth,

but I am frozen in time

when your hand brushes past mine.

You unwrap me, in the slightest of gestures,

remove the layers I’ve spent years building upon,

one by one, while I stand still,

lost in your eyes.

Someone I loved, took away my words,

you brought back poems to my life,

and for now,

that is enough.


P.S. August 20, this blog will turn 7 years old. I know I’ve not been consistent here, but this blog has been a very important part of my life throughout these years. It has been a witness to all my failures, my love, heartbreaks, my growth and I am thankful for it and for all you wonderful people out there who have spent minutes to hours going through my life. Thank you. 🙂

Imperfect Love

We like to walk on lanes,

that are less travelled by,

And roam in unseen,

unheard places.

We like cooking meals together,

I cut onions, and

he wipes my tears.

He leaves the dishes unwashed.

and I forgive him every morning.

We like watching movies,

and laugh at silly scenes together.

He with his crooked teeth,

Me with my scarred cheeks.

We built forts in our dirty room,

and lie in tangled sheets.

We fight for the tiniest of things,

and then make up in a jiffy.

In a world striving for perfection,

We have found an imperfect love.



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Now That You Are Gone

I check my phone a million times a day,

Hoping for your texts or a call,

I wait anxiously from dusk to dawn,

But there’s nothing, no sign of you,

Now that you are gone.

I relive old memories of us,

That rainy afternoon when we first met,

To the stolen kisses on that overcrowded bus,

Teary eyed I inhale the smell of your absence,

Now that you are gone.

I dream of you sometimes,

Far away in a distant land,

You walk away, leaving me alone.

I flounder to meet you even in my dreams,

Now that you are gone.


I wrote this poem in response to this week’s writing challenge in which we have to take inspiration from any of the 50 word stories that are been given there. I have written it in response to the story “Regret” by A lady in waiting:

“Gazing at the quaint street below, Nick watches couples come and go. Kids are playing with a soccer ball. He remembers the flea market open for the weekend in Long Island City. He lazily says “We should go.”

Nick turns toward the empty bed. He remembers now, that she’s gone.”

Just Like Your Love



Now that you are gone,

All I am left with,

Is a bag full of memories…

Letters written by you,

That once made me smile,

Are wet of my tears,

The words fading away,

Just like your love…

The songs you sung for me,

That once left me speechless,

Have the same effect today,

Just with one difference,

A never ending pain replaced my happiness.

They have lost their rhythm,

Just like your love…

The roses you gave me,

To express your love,

Are dead and dried now,

They aren’t red anymore,

They have lost their color,

Just like your love…

Times passed, your feelings changed.

Like everything else,

Your love wasn’t permanent.

They say,

There is no reason to fall in love,

You proved,

There isn’t any to fall out of it.

You are cruel,

Just like your love…

Wordless Valentine

Long forgotten memories,

Healed up wounds,

Resurface today,

Within seconds

As I think of you…

As i see red all around,

A blue fog looms over me,

It’s the season of love,

But the moisture in my eyes,

Portrays a different story…

I am trying hard to write,

To write this pain away,

But words give up on me,

Words fail to form a line,

Without you, my love,

Its a wordless valentine…


(Since a long time, i am not able to write anything about love. I find it difficult to write poems these days. This poem is a desperate attempt to express my feelings on this day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers. )

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Day Together


The long wait would end soon,

And I would meet you today, this afternoon.

Its been long since I met you the last time,

I’ve missed all those wonderful moments when your eyes met mine.

I’ll wear the dress you gave me this valentine,

I just wish that everything turns out to be fine.


As you hold my hand and walk with me down the street,

I forget everything else, with you I feel complete.

I am lost in your eyes, I can’t hear a thing you say,

I can spend my life just watching you, come what may.

You bring me back to my senses, as you touch my cold nose,

I smile as you say you love me, like always you say it with a rose.


Its six in the evening and you say its time for you to leave,

Seeing my eyes well up, you ask me to cheer up and not to grieve.

I capture all these moments we’ve spent together in my heart,

You touch my face and kiss me one last time before we move apart.

We hug as we move down the alley, amidst the sounds of the tram passing by,

With a smile on my lips, and tears in my eyes I bid you a final goodbye.


[I am attempting the Weekly Writing Challenge for the first time. The picture reminded me of all those days I’ve spent together with my guy. Being miles away from one another we rarely met, and even when we did, it was either at the airport, or railway or bus stations. Just once we got a chance to roam around a city, and the picture reminded me of the first and awkward hug we had at the airport that day. The poem I’ve written is not my story but its neither entirely fictional( Meeting you was more of my actual story).I know that desperation of meeting your love after a long time, the awkward initial moments, the feeling of being together for few hours and then finally parting your ways. I loved writing this one. :-)]

Love Birds That We Were

Myna on our roof


Being together,

You were always away.

Your reluctance,

To talk,

To smile,

To love,

Made it clear,

We weren’t meant to be.

I kept walking behind you,


You didn’t look back,

In a desire to win over the world,

You ignored my pain.

Spreading your wings,

You left me alone,

Breaking every promise,

You proved me wrong,

And now, that you are gone,

I can lucidly see,

I was just a chapter in your life,


You were my story!

Falling In Love

When I smile without any reason,

When I dream of you with my eyes open,

When silence whispers your name to me,

When yours is the only face I wish to see,

When every word you say touches my soul,

When having you around makes me whole,

When a single apology makes me forget my pain,

When every cloud reminds me of the time we danced in the rain,

When I see couples like us holding hands,

When I think of the way you play with my hair strands,

When I feel your presence every time there’s a knock on the door,

Every day, each moment, I fall in love with you,

Even more…


[It’s A’s birthday this Sunday. This poem is for him. This is the only thing i can do for him this time. Below is a song i love to listen to, every time i think about him, though i don’t really understand a single line. It’s a Marwari song by Amit Trivedi and i just love the way it sounds. The music makes me fall in love again and again. (Credit: Coke Studio India)]