Lockdown In Pictures

March: Wheat almost ready for harvest, cooler temperatures, blue skies.
March: This is where I go everyday to get milk. That is a Mango tree in full bloom. The scene, and the cows are more beautiful than they look in the picture.
March: A day after it rained heavily. The hills nearby looked beautiful that day.
March: Moon and Venus, too far, too small, too beautiful!
March: A lady bug sitting on a wheat plant. We used to call it the pass-fail insect. If it flies off your hand, you’ll pass your exams, if it drops down or does nothing, you’ll fail… Very easy method.
April: Wheat is ready for harvest..the fields are golden, the atmosphere is dusty and too allergic.
April: I took a sunset picture almost every single day. This is not the best one. Those are for an altogether different post.
April: Mulberry I stole from a silkworm rearing government farm near our place.
April: Wheat threshing …earlier it used to be done manually..now there are machines that finish the work in minutes.
April: Our neighbours are building a new hut.
May: This dog thinks she’s a calf. I am serious. Ever since they are born, she hasn’t left their side. The proximity increases everyday..
May: This is how it looked at 2 pm one day. It felt like the apocalypse. The sky went dark suddenly and it rained like cats and dogs. It was too too scary.
May: The scenes after the storm. A buffalo calf grazing in the fields.
May: Not the supermoon but a day after that. It was actually this red, I haven’t edited this a bit.
May: This is what a makeshift apiary looks like. It looks like a graveyard to me to be honest.
May:The weather is finally hot in here. Thanks to western disturbances, we haven’t had temperature touching 40°C till now, but summer is coming and I am already stressed out. I hope the monsoons are here soon.

All these pictures were clicked by me in the last two months since the lockdown began. These are all scenes near my home. I didn’t even have to venture more than 500m for these photos. This is how the lockdown looks like when you live in a small Indian village. 😊


Have you wondered why a butterfly has such a complex life cycle? I mean it could have been just a simple process of tiny butterflies flying out of hatched eggs, but noooooo that is just too simple for Mother Nature.

First the eggs have to be hatched so that a larva comes out.

The resulting caterpillar has to eat and eat and eat and keep on eating till is becomes huge.

Now this caterpillar has to built a cacoon around it and do other complex stuff inside so that it builds up its limbs and wings and entire body,

And finally,


A butterfly comes out.

I am sure there is some evolutionary reason behind this tamasha but it could have been a lot easier. I mean there are around 40-45% insects which do not undergo complete metamorphosis to reproduce but look at these butterflies, they have to rub off their hard work on our faces, and all this work to reproduce. WHAT!

So, yesterday I was reading about this lady who went through dozens of failed IVF processes and several miscarriages in order to have a baby! Call me insensitive but I don’t understand this craze of organisms to produce a progeny! Now a butterfly is probably wired that way, but us humans, supposedly the most evolved animals on earth need to be a little thoughtful. I understand the human need to be parents but I don’t know how far one has to go to fulfil that. There are other ways to be parents in a world which is filled with children in need of love.

And don’t even get me started about the insane people in our country who take extreme measures to have a boy. One of my sister’s friends who already had a teenage daughter went through so many treatments in order to have a son and recently gave birth only after six and a half months of pregnancy. That baby doesn’t even weigh a single kilogram and if survives, is bound to live a difficult life. I do sympathise with them, but when I think about the inherent sexism in this entire situation, I don’t know, it hurts me a little.

Basically I started this post to talk about butterflies and post a few pictures I took today but somehow I ended up ranting about humans around me.

Hmmm…such is life!

It’s A Rainy Day…

While all the major Indian cities are flooding owing to the monsoons,our town hardly got any rain this time. Thanks to global warming, the Himalayan region which used to get a lot of rainfall during the Monsoons, is usually very dry in the last few years. I mean,  people who don’t live here, would probably be shocked at reading this since you always see it in the news that so many people have died due to cloud bursts in the hilly region, and I am here saying we are not getting enough rain! Well, that’s because we don’t get that consistent rainfall we used to get before. It is either very heavy rainfall or no rain at all. I remember having 7-10 days of having non stop rainfall during my schooldays but that is not the case now.

Climate has changed so much in just the last decade, I wonder what and all we would be witnessing in my lifetime.

Anyway it rained today (thankfully), and I took out my phone to take pictures of the flowers growing in our garden.

Hibiscus flower with rain drops on it in a garden at Uttarakhand


Okra flower on a rainy day

Okra (Ladies finger)

Scarlet Jungle Flame

A white rose with rain drops on it




Golden Trumpet


Rain does make everything more beautiful, don’t you think?

Do you like the rain? Which one is your favourite flower?

Am I boring you with so many flowers and questions? Haha


Existential Crisis

Do good things ever happen to good people?

Or has the world turned upside down?

There is no meaning in kindness or love

And everyone is lost in this big bad town.

Everything is paid for in dollars

but there is no value in modesty.

This little girl with big dreams

has died a million times,

and now just wants to be free.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise



जिस सुबह की ख़ातिर जुग जुग से,हम सब मर मर के जीते है,

जिस सुबह की अमृत की धुन में,हम जहर के प्याले पीते है,

इन भूखी प्यासी रूहों पर, इक दिन तो करम फरमाएगी,

वो सुबह कभी तो आएगी…



I am a night owl by all means but for this challenge I wanted to post pictures of a sunrise and this my friends is the only sunrise picture I could find in my gallery (which is otherwise filled with pictures of numerous sunsets)

Let’s just say, sunrise symbolizes optimism and that is what I need desperately in my not so happening and stagnant life… the hope of a sunrise, someday, somehow!


Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be

I’d Rather Be…


Waking up as the first rays of sun pour into my bedroom,


and watch this little one go moo moo first thing in the morning.


Or make my knees green by rolling in these grass fields


and sometimes build hay stakes on the hill slopes.


Spend the noon counting unripe mangoes on the tree I planted in my childhood,


and plucking strawberries from our garden,


Or may be look around for wild berries in the jungle.


I would watch the sparrows perched on our wooden terrace,


and build a scarecrow to fly them away from the crop.


I would spend the evening listening to the sound the river makes as it flows down the valley,


and wait for another day in this place I once called Home. 


I wanted to write about change, in seasons or in time,

or how bad days are always followed up by

not-so-bad days, or even good days.

But I am not so sure now,

for there is no sign of spring

this fog never descends and the cold has embraced me.

Winter has fallen in love with me,

and may be I have fallen for it too.

And both of us don’t want this love to change.

Life goes on…




Both the images are of the same tree(Peepal or Sacred Fig) taken eight years apart. The first one was taken in 2009 while the second one last year in 2017.