Daily Post: Stroke of Midnight

I was in my room,

On my bed,

With my cat,

Sleeping on my lap,

Staring at my phone,

Except two, no one called!

Obviously I never wanted it to be like that but that’s how it was. Off late, i am kind of used to being alone. Living with just my parents in a new town, i don’t have anyone to talk to, except two of my friends who stay miles away from me, so basically we just talk on phone. But, i don’t feel lonely anymore. I can spend hours sitting idle, without telivision,texts,phone,internet,books, anything. I don’t get excited to celebrate such special days now, be it new year, my birthday, diwali or any other festival.

As we grow up, we lose interest in so many things which used to be so important to us at some point of time. Am i the only one feeling that or is it a general phenomenon? Well, i don’t know. Sometimes i feel i’ve really lost that innocent little girl, running down the lanes of her small hilly town, wearing those colorful frocks, enthusiastic for every small festival or day. The one who exists now is a girl who wants to relive her past, hates her present and is scared about her future.

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

Until Something Happens…

Every morning I wake up,

Thinking to start afresh,

Hoping to brighten up my day

And live in a new way,

Until something happens,

A song that sounds so familiar,

A thing we planned to buy together,

A road, in the woods, we walked,

A not so funny joke, on which we laughed,

A meaningless poem you wrote for me,

A place we yearned to see.

A reminder to all those memories,

The death of hope, the end of our story.

The flashback stops, with tears in my eyes,

Longing for you, my heart cries.

These nights without you, are the hardest to pass time.

Seconds, minutes and hours pass by,

With a single question on my lips,

Why can’t you be mine?

Eventually, these thoughts fade away,

With a heavy heart I sleep,

And then I see you in my dreams,

I take a step closer to you,

And you walk away.

Shattered, I wake up again,

To a new morning.

Thinking to start afresh,

Hoping to brighten up my day,

And to live in a new way,

Until something happens, again…




Love You Like a Taylor Swift Song

With love Taylor ❤

When I was fifteen,

I never really believed any fairy tale.

And then I met you,

Saw those beautiful eyes,

Filled with so many emotions,

So deep that I could sail.

You were fearless,

I was innocent.

Did you plan to fall in love with me,

Or was it just a coincidence?

You said we’ll be together forever and always,

And you won’t leave me however the phase.

Did I tell you, for me that was the best day?

I was spellbound; there was nothing I could say.

As time passed by, things were meant to change.

Tell me why you became so strange.

We were happy till,

You went out of range!

A year has passed by,

Still I can hardly breathe.

Everyday your memories kill me, I die,

Still you are not sorry.

I never knew, the first would be our last kiss.

And you would be,

Someone I had to miss.

If that was the case,

You should have said no,

The way I loved you,

I never thought you would,

Leave me and go.

Half of my heart died,

When you said you are not mine.

After what you did,

How can you expect me to be fine?

I never knew it would be,

Our last night together, and

You would never return.

Never knew this love, would end

And you’ll be just another,

Picture to burn!!!

This poem is inspired by my favorite TAYLOR SWIFT. I am just another heartbroken girl in love… Love you Taylor!

P.S.: Every Word In Black is a Taylor Swift song…… 🙂

Not Good Enough For You….

You dont need me the way i do,

I guess i am just not good enough for you.

I’ve cried for you a million times,

But you could never see the redness in my eyes.

I’ve always believed together we are meant to be,

But you’ve proved me wrong every time you said you cant stay with me.

You say you dont love me any more,

It was just a phase in your life..

All my wounds have turned sore,

Did you lie when you said one day i’ll be your wife?

Is it so easy for you to forget what we had?

Tell me, just tell me was i so bad?

You made me believe.

You made me alive.

Then why are you today,

just letting me die?

I was a fool,

i thought this love is true.

But i didn’t know it then,

I was just not good enough for you!




i QUIT LoViNg You…..


Its time to say goodbye….

To all the memories we had,

To all the moments we shared,

To all the times you held my hand,

To all the promises you made,

To all the things i expected,

To all the tears i shed,

To all the minutes i thought you cared,

To all the instants i was scared,

I give up baby….

I am not taking back the words i said….

” I Quit Loving You”

Today….Tomorrow….Till the end!!!!