I wanted to write about change, in seasons or in time,

or how bad days are always followed up by

not-so-bad days, or even good days.

But I am not so sure now,

for there is no sign of spring

this fog never descends and the cold has embraced me.

Winter has fallen in love with me,

and may be I have fallen for it too.

And both of us don’t want this love to change.

Life goes on…




Both the images are of the same tree(Peepal or Sacred Fig) taken eight years apart. The first one was taken in 2009 while the second one last year in 2017. 


Spring: The season of new beginnings

Its the fifth day of Spring season in India, popularly known as Vasant Panchami, which is the day when Goddess Saraswati is worshipped all around the country. The day when we keep our books aside and worship them. Apart from the ‘no study’ rule, i love this season because of the way things start changing all around. There are new leaves on trees, budding flowers, chirping birds, children playing in sunlight. There’s so much activity and color all around. Its truly the season of transformations. I can finally say goodbye to winters and keep the warm clothes aside. This is actually the first time in many years, i am noticing this change in seasons. I was in Bangalore before, all seasons look alike, its a moderate city, we can’t really figure out which season is going on. But now being in North India, i’ve witnessed hot and humid summer, the extremely chilly winters and finally the beautiful spring and i am loving it. There are so many things to feel good about…

A beautiful bird, with a beautiful voice. It was sitting in the same place for almost half an hour and singing in her magical voice. There was another one with her, but he was constantly  flying. I just assumed the impatient one to be male.

Orange roses are my favorite. The one below is not exactly orange. It changes color,from yellow to orange to red. These two are presently blooming in our garden.



And this one is a Chameleon, sitting on its flower bed. I wonder why it’s not changing its color. It was there for 2 days. I initially thought it was dead, but it wasn’t. I could see it flicker its eyes.


Vasant Panchami is incomplete without mustard flowers. Whenever i see fields of mustard, I can’t help but think of Shahrukh and Kajol romancing in one of them. The picture is not actually of a field but that of our garden.


And this one is the scene i see every morning when i wake up. These are wheat fields, the view from my window. It was all brown and dull a few days ago, now it’s all green.


I wish to be happy. I wish to forget all those bad memories in my mind and start a new life. And spring they say is the season of new beginnings, and that’s why i am writing this post, to start afresh, to give a new direction to my life.

Happy Vasant Panchami to all. May all of you find your beginnings…