It’s A Rainy Day…

While all the major Indian cities are flooding owing to the monsoons,our town hardly got any rain this time. Thanks to global warming, the Himalayan region which used to get a lot of rainfall during the Monsoons, is usually very dry in the last few years. I mean,  people who don’t live here, would probably be shocked at reading this since you always see it in the news that so many people have died due to cloud bursts in the hilly region, and I am here saying we are not getting enough rain! Well, that’s because we don’t get that consistent rainfall we used to get before. It is either very heavy rainfall or no rain at all. I remember having 7-10 days of having non stop rainfall during my schooldays but that is not the case now.

Climate has changed so much in just the last decade, I wonder what and all we would be witnessing in my lifetime.

Anyway it rained today (thankfully), and I took out my phone to take pictures of the flowers growing in our garden.

Hibiscus flower with rain drops on it in a garden at Uttarakhand


Okra flower on a rainy day

Okra (Ladies finger)

Scarlet Jungle Flame

A white rose with rain drops on it




Golden Trumpet


Rain does make everything more beautiful, don’t you think?

Do you like the rain? Which one is your favourite flower?

Am I boring you with so many flowers and questions? Haha


9 thoughts on “It’s A Rainy Day…

  1. I love monsoon! Even though it is nothing like what it used to be only a decade back, I still love the brief period when it pours.Cloudbursts are a pity, though.
    Also, the pictures are beautiful! Have you seen a Glory Lily in full bloom?


    • Monsoon season is over and it is time for the October heat once again. I am dreading it. Only thing that keeps me sane during these months is the impending festive period. I can’t wait for Diwali! 🙂
      No, I haven’t seen Glory lily. I googled the pictures and it looks awesome. I don’t know if it grows in our region, never seen it anywhere.

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      • I am still hoping for one last burst of rains before it dries up completely. I first saw Glory Lily during a trek to Prablagad and it caught my attention due to its uniqueness. It was only later that I cam to know its name. It’s fairly common in the Western Ghats but not sure about the Himalayas!
        But then there are so many flowers that are endemic to Himalayas that I wonder if anyone ever missed Glory Lily there 🙂

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