The Arranged Marriage

And they met one day,

Two strangers,

Ten minutes to decide on their lives.

Few questions asked,

Infinite unspoken words,

And the decision was made.

Three months passed,

And they met again,

Only on their wedding day.

Stolen glances,

Hidden smiles,

Endless emotions in their eyes,

No one could say, it’s their second meeting,

Looked like they knew each other since years,

They already seemed so much in love.

Love that has only grown with time.

And whenever I see them I wonder,

How did they know it would be alright?

‘They just knew it’, they say,

An inner voice told them,

They were born to be one someday.

Love never ceases to amaze me,

Sometimes we find love in moments,

And sometimes it takes an eternity.

The First Touch

 [Inspired by my own sister’s arranged marriage. Found it really difficult to understand how they took such an important decision of their life in ten minutes, but when i see them now, i can’t help but smile to see the love they feel for each other. The love and friendship which has only grown in two years]

56 thoughts on “The Arranged Marriage

  1. One of my favorite lines in a song…. “Got to learn to respect what we don’t understand.”
    Life is beautiful and mysterious. It doesn’t always look like we think it should, but it can always work out if we let it. Much Love and Many Blessings to you! 🙂

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      • stupid.

        you decide over a week. you can know someone within such a short time on a decision for a lifetime? how naive and foolish.


      • We have lived with this stupidity for a long time. That’s how my parents were married as does my sister or my brother. And they are still together. It isn’t a blind decision or something. Parents decide after pondering over a lot many things. I am not saying it always works but you can’t just call it naive and foolish. Even after spending a lifetime with each other, some couples do separate. Its a matter of honesty and love, not time.


      • U wud be surprised to know the statistics of failed arranged marriages these days and how much of cheating goes on… gone are the days when people used to have integrity… that was when and that was why our parents’ marriages succeeded. These days are risky, zamana is bad. no one can be trusted based on family background.


      • i know.. i’ve heard of failed marriages..i totally agree with you… but there are two sides of a coin.. where i do not trust arranged marriages i do have seen some beautiful couples around me. Its does not actually depend on love or arranged marriages, it depends on faith, loyalty, and trust. true love must exist, whatever the kind of marriage.


  2. I don’t think it matters really, how the marriage comes to be. As long as both partners bring trust, respect and commitment to the table, a marriage should work. I once heard or read somewhere- “Work on the friendship, love will happen.” I don’t remember where I heard this, but it made a very deep impact on me.
    Beautifully written poem. I love your open mindedness, really. I’ve seen too many supporters of love marriages diss the arranged marriage system, and vice versa. It’s nice to see someone who accepts both. 🙂
    Just one tiny typo I’d like to point out- I think you meant Love never ceases to amaze you, as opposed to seizes.
    Keep writing.. I keep waiting to read more.. 🙂

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    • i think i’ve heard that one too, may be in a movie.. and that’s what i believe in.. i believe in love, true love whether its before marriage or after that.
      thanks for pointing out the mistake, i’ve corrected it.. 🙂

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  3. Well, its amazing how things work out sometimes- and it is heartening to know about your sister. I guess the only explanation to this, is the theory which says life is a locus of acciedents 🙂 But then, that might just be me who thinks so. Some might call it fate…

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  5. Arranged marriage is the most amazing thing on earth. I had often wondered how could two complete strangers fall in love in seconds??? How can they be sure at all? And yet arranged marriages hardly go wrong. Loved this post.

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  6. Well, you have very interesting thoughts and I felt compelled to chip in my two cents.

    Thing is, we modren humans (homo sapien sapien) have lived on this planet for at least a 100 thousand years. Try to concieve the length of that time. Now consider this: “marriage” has been around for less than 5 thousand years. It’s quite a modern ritual.

    It seems to me that for 95 thousand years we managed without the institution of “marriage” quite well 🙂

    Just food for thought 😉

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  7. I don’t love the idea of arranged marriage, but I do know that in all the marriages I’ve seen it hasn’t proved to be worse than love-marriages. Marriage is work, and however long it takes 2 people to decide on it, once they’re in it’s an uphill climb that requires them to help each other. The better they get at being partners, the easier the climb and the better the what I think, and I’m not even married 🙂
    Loved your poem and that you chose to appreciate this side of an arranged marriage.

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  8. I use to think the same way u do! but then, who knew I would tread the same path 🙂
    The Arrange Marriage (my relationship with my hubby ) is beautiful and working very well for me. Its true that there are fights and small arguments, but at the end… ‘WE’ are happy and lucky to have met eachother 🙂

    I thank my family for this!!

    PS: Loved your poem 🙂 God bless!!

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    • Congratulations…I am very happy to hear that. I have always believed that love conquers everything. Love is the only thing that matters, even if our way of finding it, is through our parents. The fights are a part of every relationship. Jahan war, wahin pyar…hain na?
      Thanks for liking the poem. 🙂 Means a lot….


  9. I am happy for your sis but I can never rub my head around arranged marriages…they seem forced and pretentious and hypocritical and all things bad! And i don’t get the rush people in India have to get their children married. Is it some accomplishment?

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