Our Blockbuster Lives

Recently someone asked me, ” Why do you reveal all your personal details in your blog? Aren’t you scared that someone you know might read it?”

I thought about it for a while and i i’ve to admit, i was scared when i first started this blog, but i am not anymore. Except three of my friends no one i know personally read this blog of mine (i think so). My brother knows that i blog and he can easily find it, but he’s least bothered to even check on it. Even if he does someday i don’t care. I actually want someone from my family to know the real me, and my blog is the best way to do that.

And the answer to why i blog about my personal life here is, well i don’t know what else to write. Seriously, i like writing about my life. I find my story to be the most entertaining story i’ve ever known. Don’t you think we all live an extraordinary life? Don’t you think our lives are more interesting than the movies we watch and the novels we read? The way we are born and raised, the way we finish that work just in time, the way we miss a bus and save our life, the way we meet that girl/guy who turns out to be a soul-mate, isn’t it all interesting? It won’t be dramatic or filmy but each situation in life is a story in itself. It wont necessarily be humorous, or magical or tragic but it would surely be special for you ,if you look back and think about it.

Yes, i rant about my life, i blabber about the depressing things all around me but when i look back at these 22 years i’ve spent on this earth, i do feel good. I like the way my story has unfolded everyday. My story started even before the day i was born, when i was a mere foetus,  an unwanted female foetus for that matter and how my mom fought with the world to keep me alive. The story got more interesting as i grew up, the way i survived a near fatal accident when i was seven, the way i spent 14 years of my childhood in a small hill station and moved onto the IT city of India, the way i lost my chance to get into a medical school by one mark and how i ended up being an engineer, the way i was in love (one sided) with a guy for more than 6 years and eventually committed to one of his closest friends who was physically, culturally, and socially so different from me, the way i missed a flight and spent the best day of my life, the way i’ve lived so far inspite of all the troubles, road blocks (real ones), failures and miracles. I could actually write a book on it.

If you watch these typical Bollywood masala flicks you’ll probably get a better idea about what i am talking about. I am not saying that our lives are meaningless like those movies but that our lives are eventful. Every time you see a Salman Khan’s movie, a Rowdy Rathore or Housefull, what do you say? I say, “ye ho kya rha hai! (what the hell is happening!) I hope you all do the same. I mean so many things happen in one movie. There is action, romance, comedy, lots of cliches and an item number. Its all so absurd that we just end up laughing on it and that works in favor of the movie. How much ever we criticize such movies we can’t deny the fact that they all are blockbusters. In the same way our lives too are blockbusters. We can never figure out what will happen next but once we look back, we can connect the dots and think how awesome it was. At the end we all know why that particular thing happened and how that one thing led to another and another and our story was completed.

And that’s why i like writing about my life. Its not perfect but its unique, no one has a story like mine. The life i am living right now is extraordinary and it hasn’t ended yet, there’s more to it, many more memories, comedies, tragedies and what not.

I love the way i’ve lived so far and i’ll continue doing so. After all its my blockbuster life…

source: tumbler.com

source: tumbler.com